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Toolkit: How to Carry Out a Maturity Review Exercise?

By August 19, 2023August 29th, 2023All, Direction6 min read
Published on August 28, 2023 | Reading Time: 3 mins

You’ve decided to embark on your CX transformation journey, and have built your leadership team – what’s next? The second step in the process of setting the Direction of your organisation’s CX policy is assessing your strengths and weaknesses. This process is called a Maturity Review. It is made up of 2 phases: Internal Assessment and External Validation, and is typically followed by intensive action planning. Conducting a maturity review brings to light the aspects of your CX strategy which need to be further developed and supported, and provides valuable insights into your organisation’s strengths and weaknesses.

Ready to start your CX maturity review? Let’s jump in!

Phase 1: Internal Assessment

Assemble Your Internal Assessment Team: The team should consist of 2-4 assessors from your organisation who are familiar with your CX policy and strategy. You should also designate a senior assessor (ideally a CX lead) who will be responsible for validating the assessment results provided by the team.

Self-Assessment: Using the International Model for Customer Experience in Government, the internal assessment team will go through a series of evaluative statements and questions designed to assess and measure the different aspects of your organisation’s CX strategy. Encourage your assessors to think critically and answer each question thoroughly.

Provide Evidence: For every portion of the assessment, the team must provide substantive evidence to support their responses and demonstrate the organisation’s CX maturity. This can come in the form of customer feedback, process documentation, case studies, and any other relevant data.

Individual Assessment & Consensus: Each of the assessors should use a specialised assessment portal to complete the assessment individually. Then, have the team convene and agree on a consensus score to be submitted to the senior assessor. This collaborative process ensures a well-rounded perspective.

Validation by the Senior Assessor: The senior assessor will then review and validate the consensus scores provided by the assessment team. Adjustments can be made if there are discrepancies or if the scores require fine-tuning based on their experience and expertise.

Set Target CX Maturity Level: Following the validation, the senior assessor and the team should establish a target CX maturity level for the organisation, taking into account the current assessment results. This target provides a clear direction for improvement and serves as a benchmark for progress.

Phase 2 : External Validation

The External Validation Team: After you have completed the internal assessment, the results will be validated by a team of external assessors from the International Foundation for Customer Experience in Government. This step ensures an impartial evaluation against industry standards.

Review and Validation: The external validation team meticulously reviews the internal assessment results, including the evidence provided. They compare these results to the criteria and standards set out in the International Model for Customer Experience in Government.

Final Score and Maturity Level: Based on their review, the external validation team validates or adjusts the internal assessment results. The outcome is a final score that accurately reflects your organisation’s CX maturity level, backed by external expertise and industry standards. This evaluation will provide you with valuable feedback, including areas of strength to reinforce and opportunities for improvement.

Conducting a customer experience maturity assessment is a pivotal step towards transforming your organisation’s CX strategy. Through internal assessment and external validation, you can identify areas of improvement, align with industry standards, and establish a clear roadmap for enhancing customer experiences within your organisation. By following the essential steps detailed above, you will be well equipped to carry out a successful CX maturity review and embark on a journey towards excellence in customer experience.

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