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John’s professional journey has been diverse, encompassing a wide range of roles in sales, marketing, operations management, and senior leadership positions in both private and public sector organizations. His noteworthy positions include working at The Bank of Canada and The Taylor Reach Group (TRG). At TRG, he dedicated twenty years of his career to serving an extensive array of clients.

During his tenure at TRG, John provided operational expertise to a diverse clientele, including the Government of Canada, the Government of Dubai, the New York Times, Habitat for Humanity, Nike, the City of Toronto, and many others. His areas of specialization included customer service, call and contact centers, compliance, process design and management, technology improvement, and data management. This broad range of experiences shaped John’s capabilities and established him as a proficient professional in various operational domains.

Contrary to focusing solely on corporate success, John actively contributed to the community through his pro bono engagements. Notably, he has held positions as a Board Member, Vice Chairman, and Chairman at Better Living Health and Community Services. His involvement also extends to the Canadian Liver Foundation, where he served as a Board Member and held the role of Interim President and Executive Director. Additionally, John demonstrated his commitment to community service by affiliating with numerous other local and international organizations.

John’s educational background includes graduating from Ryerson Polytechnical (now Toronto Metropolitan University) with a degree in Business Administration. He remained committed to furthering his education by obtaining certifications in areas such as Direct Marketing and Sales and Governance in Not-for-profits. Furthermore, his written works and publications garnered international recognition, positioning him as one of the top influencers globally in the domains of call and contact centers and customer services.

Overall, John’s journey exemplifies a multifaceted professional who has left a lasting impact not only within the corporate world but also as an advocate for meaningful community involvement and continuous learning.