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An electrical engineer, Doug spent the first 40 years of his career in the electricity industry. This included 10 years in leadership positions at Synergy’s Muja Power Station and culminated in 6 years as Managing Director of Western Power.Over this time, he has honed and integrated his skills as an engineer, project manager, negotiator, public communicator, leader and coach. 

In parallel he has developed a psychotherapy practice over 40 years and holds Clinical Registration with the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia.

Through his business, Marple Bridge Pty Ltd, Doug currently provides coaching, mentoring and consultancy services to senior business professionals. This includes facilitation of strategic planning and team building for CEOs and executive teams and coaching in the use of psychological principles to improve engagement. This in turn enhances leadership effectiveness and supports organisations to thrive.

His clients include high profile engineering companies, cover a wide variety of industries both in Australia and overseas and span private and government entities.

Doug also continues to consult to the energy industry with a focus on supporting the paradigm shift from a linear delivery model to an organic, integrated and sustainable prosumer centric model. His clients include the Australian Energy Council and a large renewable generator.

A Fellow of AICD since 2003, Doug has served on numerous boards including private, government and NFP entities. He is also a graduate of the advanced Management program at Harvard University.

To maintain his own sanity Doug enjoys jogging, gym, ocean swimming and scuba diving. He is married with two adult children.