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Karin worked at the state digital transformation strategy and policy unit in Estonia’s GCIO Office for more than 10 years and, during her last years in the ministry, shortly led the department. She participated in the making and implementation of several state IT policy documents, including the national digital agenda 2014-2020. With the latter Estonia put the quality of public services and CX to the focus for the first time.

After GCIO Office Karin worked for two years in the private sector, where she got hands-on experience in agile software development and customer needs analysis. She then decided to capitalize on her recently acquired knowledge and skills in business and data analysis and started to work as a Product Owner in the field of social welfare. She managed the building of a state information system to best meet the new levels of CX in her domain. Since the end of 2022, she has been working as a freelancer providing digital transformation related expertise and guidance for several countries. She was also one of the international assessors of the Abu Dhabi 2022 CX Maturity Assessment process.

Karin’s key strength lies in her ability to bring both strategic as well as hands-on view to building both assessing CX maturity and building CX-based systems.