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Mathieu is a CX Consultant and facilitator from PEI, Canada. His expertise is creating delightful citizen experiences through human-centred design and technological solutions. With over 10 years of experience in CX, Product Management, and Service Design, Mathieu has worked in the private and public sectors.

From 2016 to 2019, Mathieu served as Head of Product and Customer Experience at a logistics software company. During his tenure, he championed the customers’ needs and worked empathetically to prototype, iterate, and create technology that best met their requirements. Mathieu also played a key role in designing user research, creating user personas, wireframing, and prototyping. The result was a 16x productivity improvement in workflow and a 40% reduction in gas fees.

Mathieu has collaborated with provincial and federal government entities in the public sector in Canada on various projects. Notably, he co-created and facilitated a week-long social innovation lab across Atlantic Canada, served as lead facilitator and service designer for a province-wide youth retention project for the Government of Prince Edward Island, and was the lead consultant for an immigration citizen experience/digitization project for the Immigration Department of Prince Edward Island.

Mathieu has also worked internationally, most recently as a CX maturity assessor for the Abu Dhabi Program for Effortless Customer Experience. The program, which is a new model, enables effortless customer experiences across all Abu Dhabi Government entities.

In his personal life, Mathieu is thrilled to be expecting his first child with his partner. His passions include hiking, camping, winter sports, and playing RPG video games.