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Ryan Boyd has over a decade of experience in public service in Ontario and Alberta, Canada. He is the Director of Strategy and Innovation in Cabinet Office, a department of the Ontario Public Service, where his teams combine strategy, design, foresight, behavioural insights, participatory engagement, and analytics to improve the experience and effectiveness of government services. His work has earned the highest award in the Ontario Public Service.
Before joining Ontario’s Cabinet Office in 2017, Ryan’s public service career started in Alberta’s Department of Energy, where he led teams on strategic, intergovernmental, and regulatory policy and co-chaired national committees on energy and climate change. He was also one of the first Systemic Designers in the Alberta CoLab.
Ryan has worked with the Foundation in the past to apply the International Model for Customer Experience in Government, including as an international assessor.
Ryan has a Master of Arts in Sociology and continuing education in strategy, strategic foresight, public consultation, behavioural economics and finance, and more—disciplines he combines to design for human systems in motion.