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External CX Assessment

The International Foundation for Customer Experience in Government offers external CX assessments for government agencies seeking independent validation of their internal self-assessment results against the International Model for Customer Experience in Government and the 4Ds Framework.

For this purpose, the Foundation engages members from its International Consortium. The Foundation follows a rigorous governance framework to ensure the impartiality of the assessment process, including but not limited to:

  1. Consortium members assigned to assess a specific government agency must confirm no prior engagement with the agency within the past two years.
  2. Consortium members conducting assessments for a government agency must commit to no future engagements with the agency for the subsequent two years.
  3. External assessments are exclusively conducted by consortium members and are not performed by government agencies.
  4. Government agencies may enlist external partners to provide logistical support for the assessment process, such as organizing travel arrangements for consortium members. The agency must inform the Foundation of such arrangements in advance to ensure necessary measures are taken.
  5. Partners of government agencies do not participate in the external assessment process and do not exert direct or indirect influence on its outcomes.
This rigorous and independent assessment framework ensures that government agencies receive an objective and independent evaluation of their customer experience efforts and maturity, promoting transparency, accountability, and ongoing enhancement in public service delivery.