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Dario has spent his entire professional life working in Information Technology and Innovation. Currently, Dario is managing the Italian IT department of an international bank. Technology and Digital Innovation are his main interests, particularly where they can create a positive impact on our daily lives. Over the past 15 years, he has studied and introduced agile methodologies to the development department, with the main objectives to be innovative, flexible and to embrace change.

His other passion is creativity and innovation. He began leading innovation in Italy back in 2007, and in the following years, he embarked on an intense learning journey in the fields of creativity and innovation, soon becoming a recognized expert. He has also ventured into neuroscience and “neuro-economics” having obtained a post-graduate diploma in psychology.

In 2010, Dario was appointed worldwide “Chief Innovation Officer” in recognition of his outstanding contributions.

Dario is also an entrepreneur. In early 2000, he launched a successful and innovative business, introducing the very first chain of juice bars and health food stores in Italy. This experience, which lasted 8 years, gave him the possibility to really understand the meaning of entrepreneurship, leadership, and the importance of the customer experience.