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Take It to New Heights: Effective Customer Communication

By December 7, 2021May 3rd, 2023All, Delivery3 min read


Published on December 7, 2021 | Reading Time: 3 mins

All organisations need it, yet most fail at it; effective customer communication. What can we do to improve the way we interact with customers?

Effective customer communication is used throughout service delivery and is one of the crucial factors that can facilitate building a strong and long-lasting relationship with customers. For an organisation to attain high customer satisfaction, it is important that it understands its customers fully; their needs, expectations, and reasons for approaching the organisation. To fly through problem solving and take your organisation to the next level, it is important to show customers that you truly understand what they are portraying. This article will show you how.

1. Empathetic Listening

Good listening gives better understanding of customer’s needs. Always give attention and avoid interrupting customers because that could imply a lack of respect. Before suggesting any solution, first let customers speak about their issues.

2. Using Positive Language

Positive phrases enhance customer satisfaction and help in de-escalating tension. For instance, suppose a customer is upset about a delayed order. You can respond with positive language such as “We will make sure your order will be delivered as soon as possible.”. Avoid saying “Can’t” or “Don’t”.

3. Giving The Right Answers to Technical Questions

To be ready for answering any quarries, customer representatives should possess the right information about the products or services the organisation offers. Management should therefore ensure customer representatives are given adequate training on its products and services.

4. Add a Human Touch

Don’t hesitate to personalise the customer experience – introduce yourself, address customers by name, show empathy for what they are going through, and express your complete willingness to solve their problems. Small actions go a long way, and customers will feel your enthusiasm to help.

5. Be Concise & Use Customer Language

To promote successful communication, use terms that customers are familiar with and that match those on the organisation website and channels. It is also imperative to respect customers’ time by giving the right amount of relevant information, whether in verbal or written communication.

6. Provide Honest & Accurate Information

Make sure you are giving the right information; in case you don’t have the answer or enough details, be honest and tell customers you will get back with the right information, or transfer them to the department that can help. Avoid speculation and saying “I think” or “It might be”.

Now you should be ready to take off on your journey to enhanced customer communication. Employing these tips ensures you will avoid any turbulence; customers will be left delighted, satisfied, and confident in the organisation.


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